Editor of English texts
Job Title Editor of English texts

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Date 30th October, 2017
Company Name HT International
Salary Band 1 Lakhs 5 Thousands
Salary Details Salary per hour to be negotiated.
Job Level Consultant / Contractor
Job Type Part Time
Contact Name Eliska Krausova
Contact Phone 420605542460
Contact Fax
Contact Email recruitment@hero-tra

We do offer a paid Intership - Editor of English texts - in case you are interested in it do not hesitate and get in touch with us.
\nContact us whether here on FB or send us an e-mail to recruitment@hero-translating.com and include your CV. 


Here is just a brief describtion of what would be your main task: 
\nThe job description consists of monolingual proofreading of documents translated into English, quality control (QA Check) of the translations, terminology management and maintenance of translations memories. Also there is potential for cooperation in particular stages of translation production, postproduction and pre-production (formatting). The work is performed via internet in virtual environment on our servers. According to the intern’s professional focus and qualification he or she can take part on other activities within our company. We expect ad-hoc cooperation on specific projects on times and dates we agree on, the monetary compensation will be confirmed in advance. That is why we look for people with flexible schedule.


Required and desired knowledge:We look for excellent students, preferably students or graduates in linguistic fields with desire to apply their knowledges and skills in real life and who aim at top level of performance. The applicant should be efficient with personal computer, MS Office programs and be able to learn work-flows in new software environment.

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