The Ultimate Guide for Social Media Interview

It’s almost the end of the year 2017 and by now, every business is familiar with the opportunity available online. Social media is the most important tool for online marketing. It allows organizations to connect with potential customers and also to take a feedback about their services.

So, social media is creating a lot of jobs in India. Starting with social media manager, social media content creator, social data analyst… are on the rise. This is the ultimate guide for social media interview. Here are the top questions and answers for social media jobs you would face in an interview.

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 Q. What attracted you to take social media as your career?

This could be the first question your employer will ask. They want to know about your passion and commitment to the industry. A good answer would be that this growing industry which will give you plenty of opportunities to progress and enhance your skills.  This shows that you are for the long haul and always looking to improve yourself.


Q. What social media campaigns have you managed?  

Your employer wants to know what have you done in the past. They want to know how you have managed social media on a commercial level. This is where you can show your talents and achievements in social media.

Talk about a project which you have run or assisted and about the success of this. Make sure you focus on statistics in particular if you have increased the engagement of your social media platform. If you want to impress your potential employer by your past achievements, so make sure you’ve some stats ready.


Q. How do you deal with negative comments or a reputation crisis? 

Social media is a very dynamic place. There are multiple opportunities for something to go wrong. Your potential employer wants to know how would you deal with these kinds of situations.

You may bring up any situation which went wrong for you and how you have resolved it. Giving an example is a brilliant way of proving how you dealt with the difficult situation. Suggest them the best practices to handle this situation if they don’t have one. Talk about the social media policy and how will you resolve the conflicting situations.


Q. Are you aware of current social media trends? 

This is the question where you need to do your homework. You need to make sure that you understand everything about the current trends of social media.

Have a look at social media websites and sign up for digital marketing blogs, to stay updated with the current trends. You can also talk about your own predictions for future social media trends. This will show you’re always updated what might come next in social media and how you can use that to communicate with customers.


Q. How does social media success look like?

If you say that social media success can only be defined as many likes and shares as possible, the interviewer might end the interview politely. The social media is all about conversions. To reach the vast audience is not only the target but also customer should react to the products and services they offer. That’s the ultimate goal of social media success.  Give an example of how you have managed to achieve larger marketing and business goal through social media.


Q. What are the metrics of measuring ROI in social media?

The ROI completely depends on the company’s goals and objectives. The essential measures of social media’s return on investment are:

  • Engagement
  • Brand Reach
  • Lead generation &
  • Conversions

Talk about the Google Analytics and how the data are stored there. Get more details about this feature here.



Start writing blogs on social media and show your skills how you manage everything. This will also work as your portfolio. These interview question and answer will help you to grab a job in social media marketing. If you have any questions on social media interviews, ask in the comments section below.


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