How to build a rewarding and successful career in PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) has increased its demand in the past few years. Digital marketing has grown a lot, therefore traditional marketing is losing its popularity. PPC is the highest revenue generating form of advertising and many businesses have gained good revenue. Therefore the need for good PPC skills is always a huge demand but the supply is very less.

This blog will guide everyone who wants to start a career in the PPC industry.

Let’s start what actually PPC is? 

Have you ever noticed the advertisements that appear in search results in Google, Bing and other search engines? Those advertisements are Pay-Per-Click. It has revolutionized the way of marketing in the digital arena. An advertiser has to pay a small amount of money for the advertisement as a result, the right audience clicks the ad to serve the purpose. Thus it becomes faster and reaches to the targeted audience. PPC brings lots of traffic to the website which brings high ROI for the advertisers.

Is PPC as a career is worth in India?

Traditional advertising is dying. Few people are reading newspapers or listening to the radio. Similarly, on the other hand, digital marketing is growing and will grow more in the future. The following graph will say it all.




Clearly, we live in a digital world. What does that mean to organizations? More job opportunities for marketers in PPC.

How can you become a PPC professional?

To start with, PPC is open to all backgrounds. Almost anyone can step foot into the PPC arena. You don’t need any formal education start your first PPC campaign. However, a passion to drive the desired PPC result is a must. Don’t worry you’ll learn everything in time with trial and error.

We have got plenty of useful tips to help you become a PPC expert. These tips will help you reduce your learning time. So, pay close attention, the first lesson on PPC is going to start.


A) Focus on one PPC platform at first

There is a wide range of PPC platforms( Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads etc). If you want to be an absolute pro in PPC marketing, then sticking to one platform is necessary. Once if you mastered a specific platform, then you can choose the other. All the PPC platforms are very similar, once you get the hang of it, it will reduce your learning time a lot.

B) Understand the PPC ROI calculator & Metrics

Once you have decided which platform to choose, it’s time to make sure how ROI and metrics work. There are 9 most important metrics you should be tracking;

PPC Metrics to check; 

1. Clicks

2. Click- Through Rate( CTR)

3. Quality Score

4. Cost Per Click

5. Cost Per Acquisition

6. Conversion Rate (CVR)

7. Impression Share (CPM)

8. Average Position

9. Budget Attainment

You can get the detailed information here.


ROI can be calculated in the following ways;

1 ROAS (return on Ad Spend)

2 ROI ( the calculation is different from ROAS)

3 Profit Per Impression & Profit Per Click

Detailed information for ROI in PPC. click here 


Different ways to learn PPC

The internet is full of online content that will help you to learn PPC in detail. You just have to catch the right source of learning with utmost dedication. Here is a small list of online courses;

The most important is to get yourself certified by Google Adwords. The comprehensive course will help you to get high value in PPC industry. There are also other modes of learning PPC. Here you will get all the necessary and useful information.


Various Job Profiles in PPC

As we discussed earlier, PPC is paid to advertise on the internet usually through Google Ad words or Bing Ads. You typically work in a marketing department of an organization or as a specialist PPC in a digital agency where you manage campaigns for various clients. The major job profiles are listed below:


A) PPC account executive/manager

B) PPC specialist

C) PPC and SEO (search engine optimization) expert



  • Planning and creating a variety of PPC campaigns.
  • Creating the engaging copy of adverts.
  • Analysing trends and making data-driven decisions
  • Account management of clients.
  • Relationship building and business development.
  • Producing detailed analysis and report of campaigns.


Wrapping Up!

We have explained in detail how PPC is ruling the digital marketing. Therefore, there is a huge demand in this industry. You can work as a freelancer, or working somewhere a fulltime both will be great for your future.

If we have missed anything, put your thoughts in comments below to make it more informative.




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