Top 8 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

Not all the employees in your organization will be happy with their job- some of them will be leaving for a better opportunity but others will be leaving because of the boss or not able to fit into the culture of the organization. Let’s have a look at the top 8 reasons why people quit their jobs and how the organization is treating the employees.

It can be inevitable that some of the employees will be leaving but if you constantly lose your best players then you have a real problem.

1. Don’t feel valued 

Imagine if your work isn’t appreciated, it goes unnoticed. Would you like to stay there for a long time? One of the most important responsibilities of a manager is to make your employees fell truly valued. Approach everyday conversation with your employees and go beyond the basics. Appreciate the work they have done and never forget to reward your employees. 

Also, share feedback from the clients, co-workers for the great work they have done. Use social media to share the great work your employees are doing.


2.Too much work pressure 

Work pressure is a very common reason employees leave their job. It’s time to look for a fresh look that who is doing what  and probably redistribute how work is getting done on the team. Your best people should be doing the best level of work but if they continue to do the same boring work again and again, probably they will quit.

Work/life balance is a very important factor for any organizational success. Always make sure you’re in touch with your employees to help them manage their goals and keep their to-do list minimum.


3. No proper communication 

Communication is the core part of every human being. Despite the major change in communication technology, poor communication remains a major challenge in the workplace. A recent survey says 62% do not like their jobs because of poor communication.

A proper communication from to every level of the organization is very necessary. If you want your  employees to fully engage with their work leave room for employees’ voice and initiative. Never assume you know what your employees think. Invite them to take part in decision-making and be open for new ideas. Encourage open and honest discussions.


4. Lack of training 

Training is a program that helps employees to improve their performance. Proper training is required for employee growth and future performance. If you cut down on your training budgets you will see a company less productive and less efficient.

To create a high-impact training employee training the following steps has to be taken to translate your business objectives into a great and tailored training plan.

Here we can see in the picture below. Source – [ Allencomm]

Top 8 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs


5. Not getting the desired promotion 

Not getting the desired promotion is a big problem for every employee.  Don’t only offer a salary hike every year. Support and train your employees to ensure they move up with the right skills.


6. Bad managers

Managers are an integral part of an employees’ daily life at work. A good boss provides feedback and direction to connect the employee with the larger organization. A toxic relationship between the manager and the employee undermines the employees’ confidence, commitment and engagement.

According to various surveys, a bad manager is the number one reason why employees quit their jobs. Invest time, money and resources to train your leaders and emphasize the crucial role they play.


7. Financial stability of the organization 

Lack of sales, major layoffs, salary freezing, all these lead to an employee’s feeling of instability and a lack of trust.

Make every and potential  change transparent to all the employees. Let your employees know how your company is doing and what is the plan to recover in the future. If your employees respect and believe your judgment, direction, and the decision they will stay otherwise they will leave.


8. Organization’s business goals are not clear

Every manager needs to sit with each employee and should discuss the importance and relevance of employees’ job and key contributions and deliverables to the overall strategy and business plan of the organization. Employees need to feel connected and that they are part of an effort and much larger than just their job.


If you pay attention and implement these 8 factors you will reduce turnover and retain your most wanted employees. Comment below with some more reasons why people leave their jobs.

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