Top 6 Steps to Build a Strong Company Culture

Building a strong company culture within the organization is the core of any business success. The culture is how we do, what we say, the way we behave and the way we treat our customers and communities. A strong company culture is the everyday reality of organizational life.

Establishing a great culture should have a clear and consistent vision so that you can weave them into the DNA of your organization. Following are some great steps I believe to be the cornerstones of a solid business culture.


1. Transparency 

Transparency means where all the employees get meaningful insights that build trust with the higher management. The goal is to make all the employees share their idea, responsibilities, and strategy to the various levels of the organization.

You can also hold a meeting once in a week where everyone can participate and can ask anonymous questions. Some employees love to give feedback in a verbal manner and some prefer to express their views through written words. As a leader you should encourage to get as much as feedback as possible. You can create an anonymous suggestion box. The feedback and suggestions will help you to get the quick pulse of your employees.


2. Sense of freedom and autonomy among the employees 

Top 6 Steps to Build a Strong Company Culture

Studies show that the greatest motivation and personal satisfaction comes from those goals that we choose for ourselves. In a workplace a goal has to be assigned. First your employees need to know why the goal has been assigned. Most of the managers tell their employees what they need to do, without taking the time to explain why it is important and how it’s fit into the bigger picture. Allow your employees to decide how they will reach goal and also to tailor their approach to their preferences and abilities which will give them a good sense of control over the situation.

If you cannot give the total freedom,  give your employees 2-3 options for how to proceed. Take time on how you might create autonomy and sense of freedom at your workplace. This will definitely bring out best in your employees.


3. Giving work-life balance 

Work-life blance should be the main component of any strong company culture. Work-life balance will help your employees to feel more motivated and less stressed out at work, therefore increases company productivity and reduces number of conflicts among co-workers and management.

Organizations which have gained good reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive to workers and will draw good pool of candidates for new job openings. The companies which have higher employee retention rates spend less amount of time and energy in training. It increases the companies loyalty and higher degree of in-house expertise.

Few ways to promote work-life balance in your office:  

  • Having a gym facility at the office. Good food and regular exercise are less at risk of getting sick and missing days from work.
  • Company outings.
  • Provide good health coverage for all employees.
  • Flexible working hours.


4. Hiring people who fit your culture 

It is very important to understand the importance of hiring for cultural fit. Research shows, that people who fit well into their companies express greater job satisfaction, perform better and more likely to remain in the same organization for a longer period of time.

Once your company culture is defined, it should be clearly explained in all your communication materials, including your website. When you post any vacancies, your job ads must reflect your business culture and connect back to your core values. Any members who is involved in the interviewing process should have good knowledge of your business culture and refer back to it throughout the hiring process.


5. The workplace environment 

Office design put a lot of impact on a company culture. The work environment affects employee mood, and mood can influence productivity and engagement. Company like Zappos are very mindful about the workplace environment.

The challenge is making your office is producing the right environment for productivity.

Quick few changes that can improve the work environment:

  • Add some good color in your office. Decide what energy you want to convey in each room and choose your colors accordingly.
  • Allow employees for a quiet place. This will help them to refocus and will keep energy levels high.
  • A little green in your office. Studies day that plants can increase concentration and employees’ perception of the work environment.


6. Maintain and carefully evolve your culture

Most companies start out with a great culture, but few are able to maintain it. It takes a good amount of work to put the culture in space and to stay with it forever. You also need to give the freedom to evolve.

Evaluate your people against the backdrop of your culture. Effectively evolving your corporate culture sometimes requires making hard decisions to let go of people who don’t evolve with it. Millions of startups pop up every year. Be among the minority who break out in the large part because they hold steady bringing the strong and sustaining culture.

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