Top 4 Major Mistakes Your Recruiters Make

In the eye’s of a recruiter, a prospect’s experience always gives a competitive advantage that sets him apart from the group. It’s always a good idea to have someone on your team that has actually proven that he has done the necessary work in the past to prove that they are worthy of a position. That is why recruiters hold their own experience in hiring and recruitment to high regard.

In today’s competitive market, recruiter’s are facing stress because of the need to fill up challenging positions. In order to avoid stress and frustration, recruiters should recognize the top four recruiting mistakes and replace them with more proactive approaches.

  1. Not understanding the job description

Recruiters must first understand the position, including everything from key criteria to core competencies to cultural fit. soemtimes, If gets vey difficult to understand a particular role. The more specific the job description is and the recruiter understands the most desirable candidates, the more refined the results will be.

     2. Not selling the brand of the organization properly 

Top 4 Major Mistakes Your Recruiters Make

Today’s job seekers aren’t just looking for any odd job. It’s important to hold the attention of the job seeker by advertising the brand of the company.

It’s critical for recruiters to catch — and maintain — a potential applicant’s interest by communicating an attractive, informative, and enticing message. Give candidates a reason to want to connect with your brand and strive to be part of it.

     3. Not focusing on the relationship with the candidate 

Top 4 Major Mistakes Your Recruiters Make

Just because a job applicant isn’t the right fit for a particular job doesn’t mean there’s no long term potential. The best recruiters know that relationship building is an essential part of the hiring process.

By creating and nurturing social connections, recruiters ensure that candidates are primed and ready should the right opportunity eventually arise. Talent management solutions offer invaluable help in tracking potential employees across an organization and throughout the comprehensive cycle. Accoring to Peter D. Weddle, the three communities of relationship recruiting is A) Your Own Employees, B) Candidates for your current openings and C) Those who are not yet candidates.


   4. No proper recruitment strategy

Lack of a well-delineated recruiting plan can lead to wasted time and resources. Even when the time is of the essence, it pays to stop and establish a “big picture” plan in order to determine strategic recruiting goals as well as targeted tactics for achieving them.

A proper recruitment plan will always ensure flow of candidates at hard times.

Being a recruiter requires myriad skills and have to interview number of applicants. The recruiters can follow the above simple rules to place the candidates with more sticking power, which will improve the reputation of the employer for a long time.

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