How to Spot a Great CV in Just a Few Moments

Recruiting new people in an organization is a huge process. Starting from shortlisting CVs, calling the candidates for interviews and finally selecting somebody to join your organization. A good chunk of time is taken when we shortlist good resumes from a huge database. The great challenge of a recruiter is to make sure, that he calls the right candidate for the interview as soon as possible.

Since shortlisting CVs take a good amount of time, there are few practical ways to spot a great CV in just a few moments.


1. A clear & well-formatted CV 

We all see the content of the CV first. But before going further, the first thing you should notice that the resume is clear and well -formatted.

The name and the contact details should be on the top of the resume. The employment history should be in reverse chronological order.

The font should be easy to the eye. Check the number of pages- anything more than three will contain a lot of fillers. Only if you’re happy that the CV is well put together and professional at the initial stage, go ahead and begin reading.


2. Location of the candidate residing 

Start by selecting the resumes by checking the candidate’s address. It will help you to recognize whether the candidate live within a commutable distance.

Many job seekers submit their CV without checking the location. To save your time and candidate’s heartbreak, select the resumes which are are easy commutable from your office. A good candidate will show their geographic suitability clearly.


3. Last two job roles are most important 

The last two job roles should be relevant to the opening you have. If it’s not, then there is no point of reading further as any suitable experience beyond that time will be too long ago for it to matter. The most recent job responsibilities should be rich in content. So, a quick scan through last two jobs roles will be enough to judge whether the candidate is going for the interview or not.


4. No long career gaps 

A long career gap is always considered as a warning sign in recruitment. A good CV will not have career gaps without a solid reason (for instance traveling or maternity leave).  If you see a candidate having more than three jobs in a 12-month period, you can reject the application straight away.


5. Education & soft skills 

A great CV will have all the information related to educational qualifications. Starting from name of the college/university, percentage of marks and the year. If the educational section is missing from the resume, you can expect that the candidate doesn’t have much to list, or the candidate didn’t have the awareness to include it.

Another aspect to consider, is learning outside the formal education. Looking at extra courses, internships can signify that the candidate is truly interested to grow as an individual and professional.

You don’t need to read the entire CV if there is any grammatical or spelling errors. By reading a paragraph or two will give you enough idea that the resume won’t be too impressive. A good CV should not have grammatical or spelling errors.


If you have any new ideas about screening a CV quickly, do share with us in the comments below.


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