How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

In today’s competitive environment we always hear the importance of building a brand. In recruitment and to keep the top talent motivated in your organization, the value of a brand building is even more important. Nowadays the competition for top talent is fierce, so the employers need to do a lot more than just dangling higher salaries, more flexible hours and incentives to differentiate themselves from the competition.

To build a reputation as a great company we give you few strategies to follow:


Values, mission & vision statement and goals should be correlated 

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

The starting point for planning is to set a corporate goal or target. With this, a business sets out a vision of where it wants to be and how it wishes to be viewed by others.

Mission statement: This is what your company actually does. It should be short and easy to memorize. A lot of companies get this wrong and end up using big fancy words that don’t tell us anything. Your mission statement should also be specific enough that people understand what you do and how it may differ from your competitors. So for example: Google: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Vision Statement:  This is what your company aspires to be; which can be much different than what a company is (mission statement). When done right, your vision statement can and should help drive decisions and goals in your company. Example: Disney: To make people happy

Core Values: Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture, and reflect what your company values.

Goals: The process begins by setting the high-level objectives. Your objectives should ideally align with your vision statement. While objectives are high level, they shouldn’t be too vague.

Here are some better examples:

  • Add two developers

  • Open an office at Mumbai

  • Increase production by 30%


Your company culture 

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

A great company culture attracts a lot of people to your organization. Your company core values should be the root of your organization’s culture.

Encourage open dialogue and practice impartial practice to all employees. When employees are treated like equal members of a team, they support each other in producing their best work. Don’t let the pressures of business bring down your employees. It’s time to inject fun back into your company’s culture.


Use of social media 

How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Social media platforms are a great way to promote your business. Choose platforms that support your brand. Share valuable content in social media to gain followers and build your brand image.

If you make it a priority to consistently share great content and leverage the power of existing social media influencers, your brand building efforts are bound to pay off in the long-run.


Create your own recruitment brand 

A great employer brand can attract candidates to your company, but don’t forget to treat them well throughout the interviewing and hiring experience, too. Just like positive word-of-mouth from current employees, positive word-of-mouth about your recruiting process can help your company be seen as an organization that knows how to treat its employees (both current, and prospective). Tips on building a strong recruitment brand:

  • Open and very clear information about the company and the open position.
  • An easy-to-use application process.
  • Ensuring a feedback about you liked/didn’t like about your hiring process
  • A seamless and enjoyable interview process
  • A structured and welcoming onboarding program.


So, above are the tips to build a strong employer brand. Do you agree with the tips or have some of your own? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “How to Build a Strong Employer Brand

  • February 29, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    Taking care of your brand as an employer does not necessarily mean that you have to be the strict or very intimidating boss. Maybe a lot of people or employers are thinking why is it important. It is important especially if you have recruiting people into your team to work for you.


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