6 Powerful Words You Can Say to Motivate Your Team

To make your office a great place to work, employees need a decent salary, good working conditions, and a great team. But the most important factor that decides if an employee likes the workplace if they like their boss.

For managers and team leaders, make sure that you show respect to all the employees, regardless of their levels. This will make a huge difference in their motivational levels. So, which words can you easily use to make a difference between a manager and employee communication? Here are my chosen top SIX.


1. “Thank You”

Giving appreciation to your employees shows that you’re not just another wheel in the cog, but a really precious member in the team. Make sure that you actually say “thank you” to your employees once in a while or after a big and important project. It always doesn’t have to be a grand gift shows that how much you appreciate their work. Simply by saying “thank you” can often be the most meaningful and motivational of gestures.


2.”What Do You Think” 

Being a manager doesn’t mean that you know everything. Asking your team members about their opinions will not only expand your knowledge but also will show them that views and opinion matters.


3. “That’s Great”

Creating a positive and open environment will boost the morale of your team. Whenever an employee comes with a great idea, telling them It’s great, will give your employees a great confidence in themselves.  It may energize more people to share their ideas with the team.


4. “Can I Help”

A true leader always helps their team members in difficult times. If the team is struggling to meet a deadline or having trouble with a certain client, the leader gets his hands dirty and help them out. This actually improves the relationship between a leader and the rest of the workforce.


5. “You Can Do Great”

Showing that you’ve faith can boost the morale of your team. If there is an important project coming up, show your confidence to the team members. Providing a little encouragement to your team can yield great results.


6. “We” not “I” 

Your team members should always be inspired by you. If you’re a good leader you will naturally think of yourself as a member of the same team. It’s a bad practice to drive the employees through fear. Inclusive language should be used to create a feeling of togetherness.


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