5 Ways to Become an Effective leader

A good leader is a great asset for any organization. Some people say that great leaders are in-born but I say that effective leadership comes with great work, full dedication, and self-mastery.

To become an effective leader is within everyone’s control. Always remember to become a great leader, for the organizational success is always an ongoing process because leadership challenges are always changing and intensifying.

A recent study has found that there is a good relationship between employees and management in India. According to the survey, that India has jumped at least eight places and secured the top place in the list of 18 countries.

Great leaders always seek for an opportunity to develop the relationship to get happier and productive employees for their organization. Here we discuss the 5 Ways to Become an Effective leader for your organization and for your team.


1 Listen to your employees 

5 Ways to Become an Effective leader Listen to your employee first. For any conflict or for other reasons you should be very proactive to listen what your employees want to say.  If your employees want to share some ideas or thoughts show that you are paying attention. This will bring that you care about their value and inputs.


2 Motivate each team member as an individual   

5 Ways to Become an Effective leader

Learn what every team member as an individual, is good at. Each team member carries its own values and skills. Manage and motivate each of them to excellence and it’s also very important that you, as the leader, should aspire to great and productive work culture. You have to lead by example and set high standards which your employees will follow. Celebrate employees achievements and also don’t forget to inspire the one who are not doing good.


3 Creating a vision 

5 Ways to Become an Effective leader

Sharing the great vision of the company with the employees is very necessary. Motivate and teach your employees to follow the vision of the company and how to achieve it. Your employees will feel great that they are the part of the company’s future development.


4. Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open is the most important aspect of leadership. A great leader should always give the opportunity that the employees should be heard. Be approachable to all the members of your team to build a strong relationship with your employees.


5. Self improvement 

5 Ways to Become an Effective leader

The journey to become a great leader is self-improvement. It helps us grow within us and also the other people in the organization. Relying on your older skills is just not enough. Reinvent yourself regularly so that you stay relevant and at the peak of your performance. Always show the willingness to learn from others and motivate the other people for self-improvement in day-to-day life.


Here there we go with the top 5 ways to become an Effective leader. Do put your comments below if you have something more to add.

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