5 Tips of Writing a Killer Job Advertisement

If you want to attract more and quality job seekers for your job posting, job advertisement plays a crucial role. Let’s have a look how we can write quality job advertisement to engage more people.

What to do you do when you need to hire an employee? Write a quick job description of the job and then post it to the handiest job portal. On top of that if you have other things to do and you have to fill up the open positions soon; this is what most of us do. If so, you’re missing some of the best candidates in the market.

As the economy improves and talented people with certain key skills become difficult to hire your approach should not be “if we post it they will come”. Instead, we can make a well-crafted job advertisement and should carefully choose where to post it.


We write Job advertisement for all the jobs posted in our Job Portal. So here we go how we do it.


  1. Write a job advertisement, not a job description

The two things have a lot in common, but they’re not one and the same. A job description is usually an internal document created to clarify what the role will do and to outline reporting lines. A job ad’s primary purpose is getting the right person to click ‘apply’.

That means your job ad should probably skip a lot of detail about who reports to whom, and include some sense of your company’s culture and mission, the benefits you offer, and why it’s a great place to work.


      2.  Write search friendly content 

5 Tips of Writing a Killer Job Advertisement

Just as with a web page, your job advertisement should be easily found in the search engine by the relevant candidates. Consider the queries your candidate will be using when searching jobs online and tailor your language accordingly.

You can increase the search ability of your job advertisement by including the keywords related to your job type, the rank of the role and also about your organization in a clear sentence. Don’t overuse the keywords because that will decrease the rank in the search engine.



    3. Effective job advert should be clear and to the point

Your candidate will be checking lots of advertisements for key phrases. To catch the eye of the applicant, use short, one sentence paragraph and use bullet points to convey your content. You can use colour coding, graphics and interesting typography in order to alert a potential candidate to your advertisement. For example, if the role requires certain technical skills, you may take a different approach and make the candidate work to find out by first answering or solving a puzzle or few questions related to the trade.

Not only will this capture the attention and interest of the right type of candidate, but you are immediately disqualifying anyone who cannot solve the puzzle or question and therefore, does not fulfil the criteria for the role.


    4 Not only text, make it visual too

It may be appropriate and beneficial to add a visual to your job advertisement. Adding pictures and sometimes video advertisement increases the engagement of the job advertisement. This is particularly relevant to those within the creative industry and media – to whom a job advertisement with an eye-catching layout with visuals can make all the difference.


  5. Sell your Job Advertisement 

What is so great about YOU? Talk about this opportunity – is the industry changing, is the company growing? Becoming more competitive? Sell the positives of your company, and the position so you attract candidates who are excited about the opportunity and their role within your company.


In Recruit Engineers, we pick all the job descriptions posted by you and always try to make an appealing job advert for your organization, so that the top talent could be recruited. Your job opportunity may be amazing – but talent won’t rush if you don’t sell it. We have our Employer zone, where you can find the sample job adverts for the engineering industry.


5 Tips of Writing a Killer Job Advertisement



Do you have any tips on how to create smart and a successful job advertisement ? Share them with us in the comments below.



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