4 Top Contents Candidates Really Want From Job Postings

One of the most popular ways to find the jobs online is through job posting. Many candidates check the current openings using the postings of different job portals. The job posting is an effective tool for the employers to choose the relevant and talented job seekers for their organization.

Understanding the importance of the job posting, you should be extra careful when posting your available vacancies. If your job posting is not attractive and lacks enough information, then you would struggle to get the relevant resumes for your opening. Thinking like a job seeker and creating job postings will satisfy the needs while drawing more candidates to your posts.


1. Keep your job title short and simple 

A job title should match with the job opening you’re posting. It should be short and simple to understand for every job seeker. Don’t write too complicated or out of the box job title which will ultimately confuse the job seeker. Stick to the job title relevant to your job description and true job heading which candidate can relate easily.


2. Little change on your job descriptions 

If you practice too long and dull job descriptions, you would run short of enough applicants for your job opening. Write one that speaks directly to the candidate, using the language which jobseekers understand.

Strat writing in small sentences with bullet points. Speak about your company culture, what is important to you and your organization. Don’t forget to mention the compensation packages to help boost more applications. Use plain language to engage the best and more applications for your job posting.


3. Think like a job seeker


To identify the ideal candidate for your job posting you start asking few questions to yourself, like;

  • Who is the person I am looking for? ( Appropriate profile you’re searching for )
  • Where is the person working ( Probably your competitors)
  • How does the person understand ( The language a technical and a  nontechnical candidate will understand)

By identifying the typical personality of your job candidate, write the job description which the candidate will relate very easily. This will help you to capture the attention of the relevant candidates you want to hire.


4. Mobile optimization 

Most of the job seekers access jobs online through mobiles. If your posting is not available or not optimized for mobile you could lose a good chunk of candidates. Your job posting should easily be accessed through any device with minimal steps to apply for your job opening.


What challenges do you face while posting your jobs? If you post your jobs on general job portal and receive enough irrelevant resumes, switch to Recruit Engineers, the niche job portal for engineering industry to receive industry specific and relevant CVs for your posting. Put your comments below about the daily challenges you face with your hiring process.

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