3 Skills To Check When Hiring Your First Recruiter

Your company is growing and you are looking for more people to handle other things in your organization. To hire the best talent, you need to hire a good recruiter. You should always check the following 3 skills while hiring a recruiter.


1 Selling Jobs 

A recruiter should have a mind like a sales person. They will sell jobs to the potential candidates. The key selling pints- hard and soft skills needs to match when they advertise your company brand to the candidates.

Also, a recruiter has to understand where to find their target audience. They need to have a good understanding of skills for using job portals and other social media to attract the right talent.


2 Matching key skills, experience with the requirement

3 Skills To Check When Hiring Your First Recruiter

A recruiter’s important role is to match the candidate with the requirement. They need to build a good relationship with the candidates. Even if a candidate isn’t offered a position or they choose to reject a position they are offered, a highly capable recruiter should be able to maintain a positive relationship with the candidates. When an open position comes up, the past candidate could be an ideal match.


3 Being proactive 

A good recruiter should also start thinking about the future hiring needs of your organization. Based on predictions, building a strong network of prospective candidates is very important. So, there could be a ready resource once there is an open position.


Your first recruiter finds candidates, fills positions, maintains relationships, and consistently innovates their processes. While they do play the recruiter role, they must also have to learn from other employees in your company to help them better understand their position and how it fits into the company overall.

There we go, the skills you should look for to hire your first recruiter. If you have experienced something more, please write to us and share if you like it.


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