Top 10 Verbs To Use For a Standout Resume

We seldom notice the importance of verbs while writing the resume. “A verb is a kind of word that tells about an action or a state”- Wikipedia.  Verbs quite literally explain what you have done and what are the actions you have taken in your career. So, now you can easily imagine how verbs can impact your resume and potential employers where you have applied.

Choosing the verbs correctly will have a huge impact on the success of writing a CV. So, let’s have a look at the most important and essential verbs you should always use when writing a standout resume.


1. Organized 

Organizing skills are very important for any business. Starting from people management, organizing time management, process management and so on. The hiring managers always appreciate someone who organizes everything single-handedly. So include any elements of organizing in your roles to show the extra control over the work.


2. Achieved 

Employers always prefer someone to hire who has achieved results. Make sure your CV shows what you have delivered and achieved. Include numbers with your achievements so that you can quantify your value.


3. Developed 

Organizations are always looking for people who can develop and improve the services. Developing and rolling out the projects successfully will bring significant improvements to an organization. Whether you have developed and enhanced the performance level, increased sales figure or have developed processes, explain it clearly to the hiring managers and include the verb in your role descriptions.


4. Forecasted 

Forecasting is a core skill in the workplace. It plays a vital role in budgeting, planning and estimating. If you have involved forecasting initiatives then include them in your CV with the facts and figures to support them.


5. Convinced

This verb is not only for sales people. Convincing others is a great power to gain more contracts from clients or to gain approval for a budget from the line manager. Menton your convincing skills in your CV by giving one or two examples which are benefitted to any organization.


6. Performed 

Performance is the pillar of success. This most important verb should be used to show your achievements. This verb will show that you perform effectively in the workplace and also give examples of the value that you have added.


7. Encouraged 

In every profession, encouraging each other and also other people such as clients, suppliers are very important. Encouraging your team also helps them to keep motivated. Use your resume description to show that you have encouraged other people for the betterment of the organization.


8. Simplified 

In today’s tough competition, businesses face a lot of problems on a daily basis. So, the hiring managers want people those who can simplify issues efficiently. Detail the steps you have taken to resolve issues and the results you have achieved from them.


9. Advertised 

From advertising your company products to the clients or showing the better picture of the organization to the onboarding team; advertising is necessary among all businesses. If you have got good advertising and communication skills, then include that in your resume to make an impression.


10. Trained

Those who have the knowledge to train others shows that you have knowledge in your field. If you have conducted training sessions in your previous roles, be sure that you include them in your resume.


Top 10 Verbs To Use For a Standout Resume




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