Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Jobless

You have sent lot resumes and landed for multiple interviews, all without success. It’s very hard not to get discouraged and you start blaming the job market. If you are not getting the job ask yourself “why”?

According to a recent survey by Beyond, that it is harder to find the right candidate today than it was six months ago. So, is it now the candidates market or the employers are more choosy about the selecting the right candidate?

Let’s find out the top 6 reasons why you are not getting hired.


1 Resume errors will instantly disqualify you 

Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Jobless

Spelling and grammatical errors are the biggest offence you can make. Make sure you re-check your resume to make sure that there is no error. Proofreading once will not help to get all the corrections in the resume. so do it twice, three times or as many as necessary.


2. If you’re not passionate and not being proactive

If you apply for a job that don’t excite you, don’t be surprised if potential employer sense this lack of passion. Employers know that skills can always be taught, but that passion is either there or it’s not.

If you’re truly excited about a job, be sure to convey this in your resume and interview. Explain your reasons for wanting the position, and share ideas you’ll be excited to explore for the job.

Reasearch  show that there is a direct relation between proactive personality and career success. To be a successful job seeker, you need to proactively search leads and strategizing the right job for you. If you believe the world is conspiring against you and you’re powerless to do anything about it, you’re more likely to stay right where you are now–jobless.

3. Did not research the company and the job position

Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Jobless

For any job interview researching the potential employer and the job is very necessary. Employers want to know that you’ve spent some time to research about the company. Not knowing the name of the CEO or where the head office is could convey that you’re not interested about the job. Employers don’t expect that you will be knowing the inner workings, but at least, good knowledge of publicly available information.

4. If you’re overqualified/underqualified 

Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Jobless

Are you applying for your dream job but your experience and educational qualification don’t make you a dream candidate? Or you’re desperate of any job and willing to take anything? Ask yourself whether your expectations is too high or too low- adjust your expectations accordingly.

5. Your resume doesn’t showcase your value

If your resume doesn’t showcase your value for the particular opening, you will never get the chance to impress in an interview. Some best practices as follows:

  • List all the specific desired skills up-front- You need to customize your resume the specific job you’re applying.
  • Detail how can you bring value to the company
  • Mention your recent achievement – If you have achieved any certain goals in past jobs, don’t be afraid to quantify your achievements.

6. You’re unprepared 

Top 6 Reasons You Are Still Jobless

You interview is your one chance to impress your potential employer. The following  points may describe that you are unprepared:

  • Attending the interview venue late.
  • Dressing inappropriately.
  • Asking about the salary too soon, keep this at the end.
  • Appeared bored or disinterested during the interview.



If you’ve been job hunting for a while, it may be time to take a step back and ask yourself what you could be doing wrong. You may email the previous interviewer that why you didn’t get the job- feedback will help you in the long run.

What are some other reasons of not getting hired? If you have come across any  interview turn-offs share the other reasons in the comments below.

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