Top 10 Tips to Crack your Next Interview

Your great CV will land you to the interview, but how you crack you next interview will land you to the dream job you ever wanted.

According to most of the employers, they don’t find candidates which match with their needs. To get prepared for an interview you should do your homework first. Make sure you dress up properly and your body language says it all, taking care of few tips will help you to come across your next interview.

To make sure you make the best impression at the interview, here are the 10 tips to crack your next interview.


1. Do some research about the company 

Try to take as much as information possible about the organization. Check their social media presence. Find out what exactly the company does and what’s review of the organization. Review sites, like ; Glassdoor and more will give you an idea how the company is doing. It’s great if you can find who is the interviewer and what’s the role in the company.

2. Dressing appropriately

A hiring manager always expects that the candidates should dress up appropriately. Make no mistake- you will be judged as soon as you enter the room with your first impression. Your appearance will show that you’re taking the opportunity seriously and you’ re eager to make a good impression.


3. Be Punctual 

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to reach the interview venue. Turning up late at the interview will make it worse. If you’re not sure about the location plan your route ahead of the day. Arriving 15 minutes early is always recommended.


4. Turn off your mobile phone

Keep your mobile phone switch off at the time of interview. Answering your phone at the interview is rude and unprofessional. Don’t keep your phone on vibrate, switch it off completely.


5. Your eye contact  

Making the right amount of eye contact shows your confidence. Your eyes show the interest level, confidence, and professionalism during an interview.


6. Giving a firm handshake 

Making a firm handshake shows confidence and professionalism. A limp handshake will destroy your chances moving forward in the interview. A handshake is appropriate at the end of your interview, however shaking hands is also a good practice before and during your interview.


7. Making an effective body language

Body language is a non-verbal communication which can make or break your job interview. Make sure you sit straight and maintain a good eye contact. This will show that you’re interested and your full attention is on your interviewer. If you’re not sure what to do with your hands, go ahead and gesture while speaking. Slouching or glancing around the room will indicate that you’re not interested in this job.


8. Bring right documents at the interview

It’s always a great practice to have few more copies of your resume. Most of the time the interviewer will have a copy of your resume but you never know if the hiring manager forgets to bring your CV. Here is the list of some other important document you should carry at the interview:

A) Picture identification document- Voter ID/ Pan Card/ Passport

B) Portfolio of your work- Carrying a  portfolio is very important  for architects, designers etc. A portfolio is helpful for providing examples of your work you have done.

C) Paper and pen

D) Educational documents if required.


9. Ask questions 

It’s very important to remember that every interview is a two-way street. You should be assessing the employer as much as they’re. You will get a chance to ask questions to the interviewer. You may prepare few questions before you go and the questions which pop into your head throughout the conversation. Ask relevant questions at the correct time. This will show that you’re genuinely interested in the role and really listening to the interviewer.


10. Sending friendly, professional note 

Make sure you send a friendly, professional note thanking them  for their time and saying that you enjoyed meeting them. Try to send the thanking e-mail within 24 hrs after the interview.

Now it’s your turn. Practice the above tips before any interview. Let us know your experience after implementing the tips in the comment section below! 

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Top 10 Tips to Crack your Next Interview




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