Top 10 things to Get Prepared for a Successful Interview

In your lifetime, you will probably have to prepare for lots and lots for job interviews. Every interview is different from one another. Even if you’re the most qualified candidate, often times due to poor interview performance, we fail.

You can avoid all interview mistakes if you prepare in the right way. This means knowing the important interview attributes for your upcoming interview.


1. Your work

The fundamental goal of an interview is to determine that you have the skills to do the job. Your interviewer may not even figure out if you have the required skills. Prepare a list of selling points ( your skills, USP etc), so the interviewer is completely aware that you’re better than other candidates.


2. You know about the company

Most of the hiring managers complain that many candidates have little or no knowledge about the hiring organization. Don’t ever let that happen to you. Before the interview, view the website, check the social media, recent articles and whatever else you can find. Do this ahead of time, so that you can be ready for the interview.


3. A team player

An employer always wants someone who has the ability to work in a team. Explain that how you’ve worked in a team and contributed to the team’s success. Companies want to create teams that can manage themselves and produce strong results.


4. Industry knowledge

Showing the industry knowledge to the interviewer is a great way to demonstrate your interest and passion towards a particular field. Talk about recent newsworthy events or company’s newest products. It also shows that you’ve deeper level of expertise than the average candidates.


5. Your past experiences

Your past job experiences will show how you will perform once you get the job. So, get prepared to describe your past experiences where you had a great impact. Always back up your claims with numbers.


6. A portfolio

A portfolio is a visual representation of your work. It shows your achievement and the value you’ve added. A portfolio may not be essential for many positions.


7. You have a plan

The most important objective of an interviewer is to check whether the jobseeker will benefit the company’s expectations. The plan doesn’t need to be in detail, it just needs to illustrate how you would positively contribute to the position. For example- Presenting how you would increase customer satisfaction, a beneficial way to show your employer why you would do well.


8. Building a great career

Everyone wants to build a great career. Show to your interviewer that you’re looking for a great career and you don’t have plans to move on quickly. If you think that you want to work with this company for a long time, don’t forget to mention in your interview. This will show your optimism working towards your new job and responsibility.


9. Referral ( if you have one )

If you’re referred for a position, be sure you remind that to the interviewer. There is nothing wrong taking the name of the person who helped you to land for the interview. This connection will put some legitimacy behind your candidacy.


10. Question at the end of the interview

Always make sure that you’ve questions at the end of the interview. From questions like asking the history of the position, questions to show the desire for the job etc. The interviewer will answer your questions and you will get more insight into the role.


As you can see, job interviews can be an easy process if you use the above checklist. Do your own research, emphasize that why you’re the best candidate and always leave on a good note.

What do you think? What are some of the other factors of a successful interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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