How to learn about the Company Culture Before the Interview

Despite all the talk about work-life balance, Indians spend a lot of time at work. Isn’t it important to know about the people and office environment that comes with your new job? Next time when you send your resume for a job, stop and think: What do you actually know about this company?


It’s difficult to understand a company’s culture with just a few rounds of interview. Further complicating the issue, you sometimes need to make a job offer’s decision simply over the phone or through the video interview, without even setting foot in your new office.


Many people have accepted job offers and thereafter regret their decisions because of not able to cope up with office management and many issues. To help you avoid this situation in the future, here is a brief guide to learn about the culture of an organization before even going for the interview.



Networking is important when researching about a company’s culture. Start with your LinkedIn connections. Search people who are currently working with that company Don’t be afraid to contact those people.  Send them a polite and brief introductory message asking if they’d be willing to speak to you for 10-15 minutes about their experience with the organization. You may have to send out a few messages before you get a response. Don’t get discouraged.


Social Media Research 

A company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are excellent resources to gain knowledge about the potential employer. The picture or the posts which are shared on social media will give you an idea about the dress code, how the office looks. You may also able to determine whether the company celebrates birthdays/ holidays, participates in team-building events, or recognize employees. Social media accounts can also give an idea about the company’s values and mission and, most importantly, whether those values and mission align with your own.


Research online 

Some online resources will assist you in your research into the company culture. You can try Glassdoor,  Linkedin and company press releases.


Glassdoor is a great place to start your research. People post reviews for their employers. You will get all the information regarding salary, interview tips, and opportunities for growth and advancement.


On LinkedIn, you can search the company page to check the company size and the employees working. You can also check how long the employees have worked there. You can also read the profiles of employees and recruiters with whom you might work. By carefully reading their job histories and publications, you can get a feeling for what it might be like to work alongside them.

Press Releases 

Recent press releases will give you an idea of company’s values and mission. Owler is a good source for company press releases and news.


Although there is no way to fully understand the culture without being part of it.  Investing time and researching the potential employer can save you hours of deliberating and, potentially, years of regret.



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