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When it comes to applying for a new design engineer job, it goes without saying that there’s going to be an interview involved at some point of time- and, just like any other area of the engineering industry, when it comes to design job interviews, certain questions are most likely to pop-up than others.

To help you out, we thought we’d list some of the most common questions that crop up in design engineer job interviews – and to help you out even more, underneath them we’ve listed some things you should probably consider when answering these questions.

*Don’t forget: the answers below are just sample answers. We’re not trying to say these answers are right for every Design Engineer job interview – and there’s no way you should reel off these answers in your interview. Instead use the points below as starting points and use your own experience and opinions to personalise them! In addition to design-related questions, chances are you’ll also be asked some generic questions – so check out our Blog for advice on how best to tackle these!*

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1. What attracted you to be a design engineer?

With this question, the employer/interviewer is really interested in your motivation – and they’re also trying to find out why you applied for the job in question (particularly if this is your first job as a design engineer). With this answer, they’re looking for you to be passionate and enthusiastic and for you to at least interest in the profile. 

With this one, it’s best to be honest. Why did you want to get into design? Was it because it seemed a bit different? It was good fit for your skills? It seemed like an interesting challenge? Or did you just fall into it? If it was the latter, it’s ok to say that- but be sure why you want to work in this area. Remember- they’re looking for honesty- and to gain some insight into you as an individual and how you might fit into their team- so try and sound at least little bit credible! 

2. What changes to do anticipate for the design industry in the next five years?

The thing to remember when you’re answering this question is that there’s no right or wrong answer. The employer is looking for your insight into the industry – and they’re really trying to determine how much you know – and whether you have enough knowledge to try and forecast trends. As I said, with this one, there’s no one ‘correct’ answer – so the best way to really answer this one is to again be honest.

Think about what has happened in the design industry over the last few years ( Ways of design technique has been changed, great designs according to the request of the client can be made in less number of time ) – and think realistically about what might happen in the next few years. Whatever answer you give, make sure you can justify your answer.

3. What do you enjoy most about working as a Design Engineer?

Just like the other questions on this page, when answering this question, it’s best to be honest – especially because the answer you give to this one might end up influencing your role, should you get the job! So, you need to think carefully – and not rush into an answer!

With this one, if you can, try and name a few different elements and try to pick things which will make you stand out for all the right reasons. For example, you can design appropriately according the clients requirement, new ideas to make the design more effective and easy to read. You enjoy the design work by implementing new techniques.

4. And what do you enjoy least?

Guess what? You need to be honest with this answer too – but be careful not to be too negative – or you might talk yourself out of the job altogether! With this answer, ‘safe’ answers might include you hate the fact that sometimes designing particular part may take some time. Sometimes the quality doesn’t meet the numbers, these comments that most people in the design industry would agree with- so they may give you common ground with you interviewer.

5. Which designing tools do you use- and how effective do you think they are?

This question should be a relatively simple one to answer because it all comes back to your previous experience. With this one, the interviewer is interested in your history with designing tools and what your personal opinions are regarding these tools so you’ve really got nothing to lose by just being honest. With this one, they’re also looking to see if you use any tools which they use – and how you find them/how familiar you are with them.

Again, with this one, it’s all going to come down to personal experience but some designing tools which you might like to mention if you’ve had experience with them- mechanical / civil design using AutoCAD for 3D design.

6. How important do you think the new era of designing would help the clients to meet their expectation?

With this question, the interviewer is really looking to gauge your opinion and fitment for their company. By this, I mean they’re keen to find out you would take the task to meet their clients requirement.

It’s best to answer that, the skills which you have got and learning experience you would be getting by joining this company would definitely help you out to meet the challenges and the deadlines. Help from the colleagues and the seniors will help you to give the best productive work possible, which would meet the quality and the numbers.

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