How to choose the right job portal

Job portals are an essential tool for both job seekers and employers. However, not all job portals are equally useful for a particular type of position. Let’s take an example, a mid-level position for some special skills from a particular industry is required. It would be a lot easier to get a good amount of resumes from niche job portal who is catering to that particular industry, such as Recruit engineers. Let’s go in the deep and find out why industry specific job portals are popular nowadays.


Hunting jobs from your very own industry

General job boards are the ocean of jobs. Some of them are relevant and others are not. You have to invest time and energy to find the right job for you. On the other hand, niche job boards have fewer positions posted, but all the jobs will be relevant to your skills and interests. The employers can also find the resumes which are relevant to the opening. Everybody knows general job portals give 80% or more irrelevant resumes with any job posting.


Cost effective way of hiring an employee

Whenever a job posting is done, it is advertised to the actual audience. The employers always receive less number of resumes but most of them will be relevant. So with less time hiring can be done. The money invested in general job portals are huge which may not be very fruitful always.


Hiring for complicated vacancies can be done easily

When hiring for a complicated vacancy the niche job portal plays a vital role. All the resumes related to your industry can be searched easily. Whereas in general job portals there is a vast database of resumes and finding the perfect resume is always a daunting task.


Knowledge is power, and you’ll find it on niche job boards.

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