5 Killer Reasons You Aren’t Getting Promoted

You’re working hard with great enthusiasm and you’ve got all the required skills for the next position. But you’re not getting the promotion you expected.

Today, I will try to explain what could be the probable reasons you aren’t getting promoted and how to groom yourself for the next promotion.


1 Do great work and tell people

5 Killer Reasons You Aren't Getting PromotedWe miss out when we wrongly assume that other people will our great work without having to tell them. Most everyone, including your boss, is busy with their concerns, problems and lives, usually have very little sense of what you’re accomplishing and what you’re doing with your time. If you aren’t proactive about reporting your accomplishments, you’ll never get recognized for your good work.


Take a few minutes every week and jot down a simple description of what you accomplished that week and send  an email to your boss once a week or once a month. Now, your boss will be able to see the progress you’re making and appreciate not being left in the dark wondering whether you’re doing your job.

Keep a track of the work you’ve done because often few things slip away from our mind. Capture your accomplishments by keeping a running record. You’ll have information at your fingertips when it comes to review time or when you’re thinking about next steps.


2 Improve on skills necessary to do the job 

You may be very efficient and effective in doing your daily tasks, but you might not be eligible for few positions. You may require team building skills, problem-solving abilities etc.


Become familiar with the requirements of the job you want, and determine what skills you need to improve upon if you’re going to succeed in it. Soft skills also play a vital role. Then, talk to your boss that  you’re interested in moving up, and ask for advice on how to get there.


3 Always be open for help and feedback 

People are always afraid to ask for help. Yet asking for help is part of getting better at your job and shows that you care enough to be proactive about learning and fixing problems.

Managers and co-workers will be always there to help and give you constant feedback to make your work easier.


It’s much easier not asking for a help when you’re stuck- but working out loud and asking for input is what increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to climb outside your comfort zone. Always ask for feedback for the work which you’ve done.


4 Take initiative 

5 Killer Reasons You Aren't Getting Promoted

Become a problem solver, not only for your career but also the long-term health of the business as well. Don’t just document the issues, analyze it and find ways to get involved in developing the solutions.


Collaborating with others to create positive change will identify you as a leader in your organization.


5 Have a company owner mindset 

A company owner mindset is one of the key pillars of moving up the corporate ladder.

If you see yourself as just an employee, or as someone working for the company, then your employer will see you that way. You do your work and expect to get paid it’s not likely that you’ll be high on their list of candidates.


Try to take the ownership of all the work you do.  Observe the way you interact with your co-workers and your boss. Do you express how you feel about the company? Do you engage in gossip? Do you complain?

If you see yourself as the owner/manager you become more productive at your work and take you job more seriously.


Lastly, recognize that in today’s environment, tenure is no longer the primary factor in promotion decisions. These days, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been there six months or six years—it’s all about your contribution. So take these lessons, learn from the past, and keep that promotion in your sights.


Share your thoughts why you’re not getting promoted in your organization, we will give you the solution.








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